Colouring Agent for Fertilizers

Our Colouring Agents are a unique package for the fertilizer manufacturer as these impart colour to the fertilizer as desired by the manufacturer. It is implemented to improve the marketability of fertilizers.

Today there is increasing demand for granular fertilizers which have a favourable appearance. One of the more obvious appearance differentiators is colour, and so fertilizer producers need solutions to impart the desired colorations the market demands for their products. Seed treatment coatings, fertiliser, fungicide, pesticide, and herbicide treatments, nitrogen stabilisers, urease inhibitors, and other agricultural chemical treatments can all be coloured using a variety of colourants.

OAN Industries has developed a broad range of colouring agents based on dyes and/or pigments to treat the entire fertilizer granule from the inside out, including colour coatings which can further modify the colour, sheen and translucency of the granule surface as desired.

OAN Industries also provide anticaking cum colouring agent which also contribute colouring and caking control, can be customized to impart colour to the surface of the substrate.

Oan Industries provides one of the best organic natural colouring agents in pharmaceuticals cosmetic retention agents color variation of the natural of the material

Coloring agents are pigments that are mixed together and applied to slurry or fertilisers to give them colour.
We make sure that the fertilizer’s body and surface colours are as requested so that they can endure the hard acidic environment, ammonia, and high temperatures and humidity.

The advantages of colouring the fertilizers are numerous but major ones are:
  • The product of a particular manufacturer gets a unique identity and helps to improve Brand Promotion.
  • High cost fertilizers become adulteration proof
  • Raw material variations which in turn give rise to colour variation of the end product is not conducive for market identity. Colouring very much helps for uniformity irrespective of the nature of the material.
Colouring Agent