Filtration Aid

This type of Anticaking Agent is a mixture of surfactant and coating agents specially designed for Water Soluble Fertilizers and Other Inorganic Salts.

This anticaking agent prevent bridging of crystals when stored for long time. Dosage is in between 0.20% to 0.30% depending upon the hygroscopic nature of fertilizer . not only water soluble fertilizers, we also one of best organic anticaking agent along with anti dusting agents or coloring agents.

The treated products are completely soluble in water without producing foam. In cases of some fertilizers the suggested dosage changes from about 0.20% to 0.60%, according to the formulations, the raw materials and the environmental conditions as well know nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus are one of the most important nutrients for a plant survival and that’s the reason we are one of best in this industry in providing best organic water soluble  fertilizer

The method is particularly advantageous for the creation and application of powdery or crystalloid anti-caking agents for fertiliser, as the goal of this invention is to provide a type of water-soluble anti-hard caking agent and preparation thereof. The current invention’s starting materials include primarily water-soluble polymer, ten-active compound, and low-carbon alcohol. The present invention’s central principle is to use a hydrophilic polymer substance to spread over the fertiliser surface, with the free water molecule on the locking fertiliser surface and the activity of reduction water molecules inhibiting the formation of a salt bridge between the chemical fertiliser granule, thereby reducing the salt bridge formation. one of the most use of calcium silicate tricalcium phosphate and calcium carbonate organic sodium bicarbonate sodium ferrocyanide  fertilizer  is to grow plants as much as they can.

Advantages of Our Anticaking Agent for Water Soluble Fertilizers:

  • It is completely water soluble.
  • It doesn’t develop foam.
  • It doesn’t need to be sprayed or ground, Easy to Use.