In the process of prilling/granulation or by conventional methods like nodulizers or granulating drums the speed of crystallization is very rapid. Crystallization and granule shaping compete with each other leading to porosity, dusting, lower granule strength and irregular granule shape. We offer a range of granulating aids to cater to the requirement of different kinds of fertilizers. It helps to increase the bonding and crushing strength of the final product. It also arrests the fines production and practically eliminates dusting in total.Granulating Aid does not in any way interfere with the chemical properties and the end use of fertilizer. Granulating Aid is non-toxic and easily bio-degradable.

Granulation Aid granular fertilizer is available from oanindustries as a free-flowing liquid formulation that may be pumped at room temperature and should be dosed directly into the Pre Neutralizer at a rate of 0.1 to 0.15 percent by weight of the final rate of production. It aids in improving the end product’s bonding and crushing strength. It also stops the generation of particles and almost completely removes dusting.

Please keep in mind that while Granulation Aid granular fertilizer improves crushing strength and reduces particles in fertiliser, it is also affected by other elements and process circumstances. Granulating Aid has no effect on the chemical characteristics or final application of fertiliser. There is no such thing as granulating aid.

best range of granular fertilizer

Significant Advantages

  • Imparts better Crush Strength to Granules.
  • Reduces amount of total recycle in the Granulation process thus improving productivity.
  • Non Hazardous and Eco Friendly Chemical.
  • Low dosage levels per ton of product.
  • Cost effective option for increased productivity and product quality

Treated with Granulation Aid

Without Granulation Aid

OAN provides a vast range of granulation aid. It is a liquid based organic product which has to dosed in granulator. The application is simple and it also blends well with the fertilizer ingredients without affecting its nutrients. It is intended to improve the granulation by reducing the dust and fines in the product as well as improving the overall granulation and also imparts anticaking properties to granules.